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We are currently adding sweatshirts to the website. This process will take awhile. Please, be patient with us while we complete this update.

Q. Where is the design on the t-shirt?

A. The designs come on the front of the shirts standard. Certain designs which would not make sense printed on the front will be printed on the back of the shirt. These particular designs will be noted on their purchase page.

Q. What material are the t-shirts and sweatshirts made of?

A. The t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The sweatshirts are 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Q. Do you ship to other countries?

A. We are willing to ship to most countries as long as you are willing to pay the shipping charges. E-mail us your order, and we can calculate your shipping costs for your approval.

Q. How do I order by mail?

By Mail
The T-Shirt Game
3330 Newton Tomlinson Road
Warren, OH 44481

To order by mail
Fill your shopping cart and print the shopping cart page.
Mail money order and printed shopping cart page
to the address above.

Q. What is PayPal?

A. PayPal is an online payment service. It lets you send money to anyone who has an email address, and you can use a credit card (or the money in your PayPal account) to pay for the transaction. You can also have them transfer any money in your account to your checking account.

Security Q & A
Q. Is my confidential information secure?
A. Whenever The T-Shirt Game asks you to send confidential information over the Internet, including personal account data, we require that a "secure session" using SSL first be established.

Q. What is a "secure session" and how does it help keep my information safe?
A. During a secure SSL session, data passed back and forth between your computer and PayPal's systems is secured by using public key cryptography. Your computer exchanges key information with PayPal's computers to create a private conversation that only your computer and PayPal's systems can understand.

Q. What specifically is SSL?
A. Any time you access or supply Card account information in one of our secure online areas, that information is encrypted by a technology called Secure Sockets Layer, often abbreviated as SSL. SSL technology secretly encodes information as it is being sent over the Internet between your computer and The T-Shirt Game's systems, helping to ensure that the information remains confidential. The use of SSL requires two components: an SSL-compatible browser and a web server to perform the "key-exchange" that establishes an SSL connection to The T-Shirt Game's web server systems.

Q. What type of browser do I need?
A. To benefit from SSL technology, you will need a browser with SSL capabilities. Examples of SSL browsers include Netscape 2.0, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 2.0, and the Web browser for America Online version 3.0 for Windows. (Note that some older versions of browsers will not support SSL sessions).

Q. What type of connection do I need?
A. Nearly all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) automatically enable the SSL session described above, as do most online services such as America Online, CompuServe, and Prodigy. If you use your company's internal connection to access the Internet and you find you can not access The T-Shirt Game's secured pages with an SSL browser described above, your company may be blocking access via a "firewall". Please speak to your firm's Internet access systems administrator for further details on your network's Internet access.

Q. When do I enter into a "secure SSL session"?
A. Secure SSL sessions are established in The T-Shirt Game's online order areas where your personal information is being transmitted.

Q. What should I do if my PayPal account doesn't seem to work?
A. First make sure you don't have any "pending" charges on your credit card account. Second make sure you entered your user name and password correctly. (It's easy to forget, double check.) Third check your account at PayPal. then click the small blue help in the top left corner to e-mail them. Because we don't have any access to your account information stored with PayPal, you would need to e-mail PayPal with your concerns. I have e-mailed them with questions as a buyer in the past, and found their response time to be quite fast.

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